"The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare an entrance for the Lord, make his way direct." Matthew 3:3

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The Chronological New Testament

"For over 500 years now men have developed a wide variety of traditional churches with a Bible made up of numbered sentences (verses) and books that are completely out of order when compared to the sequence in which they actually occurred in history.  Chronological exposition is unknown and contextualism is practically extinct.  Any idea that comes into the heart of man can be supported or seemingly proven with isolated Scripture verses.  Thatís why there exist today scores of denominations and many other groups the denominations call cults Ė though, in reality, there are only slight differences between the two.  They all claim to have started with the church Jesus founded.  And they all claim to be true to the Scriptures.  But, how can that be, since they are all so different?  The New Testament is a record of the development of the church in its first 100 years; yet, none of those denominations or cults resembles the church described in the New Testament in even the slightest way!"

If you suspect traditional, denominational, institutional religion has it all wrong and want to understand the true church Jesus established, you need this Chronological New Testament.  You can preview it and order it at this link: http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/chronological-new-testament/15391381 


True spiritual reality cannot be found in traditional religion with its rules and rituals, dead formalism, man-made authority structure, public worship, group prayer, false prophecy, miracles and lying wonders, doctrinal statements, self-help classes, recovery groups, multi-media presentations, children's programs or anything else it might have to offer.   

Let me ask you a couple of questions.     

Are you happy with your religion, or have you ever thought there must be something more?  

Do you think thereís any difference between learning about God and really knowing Him in an intimate relationship that is defined by your experiences with Him?   

Do you think God only exists to serve man and his religious programs, or is it possible that He has a plan of His Own that is directly opposed to what most men believe?  

Do you think the only way to approach God is through the rituals, traditions and group activities of institutional, denominational religion, instead of an individual, personal and private submission and obedience to Him?   

Do you think salvation is not an issue, because God is a benevolent God and everyone is going to heaven; or that salvation is quick and easy to obtain and impossible to lose, and donít know that salvation is a lifelong process of submitting to God so He can change you into the image of His Son? 

And do you think traditional, institutional, denominational religion is where you go to find God and donít understand that religion in its many forms is never what God intended and is, in fact, specifically designed by the world, the flesh and the Devil to lead you away from God? 

Do you think that everything Iíve said so far sounds sarcastic, hateful or just downright insane?  If you do, then at least consider that it comes from a guy who was involved in traditional religion for over 35 years.  And what I have to say about religion doesnít come out of hurt or anger, but from a genuine love for God, for truth and for those who really want to know Him.  But I have to tell you up front; I didnít really find God until I was willing to walk away from religion.  

The papers you will find on this website will show you some of what God has been teaching me about Himself and about religion and why one is not the same as the other.  If you take the time to read them, and I hope you will, please have your Bible handy and take the time to read every Scripture reference you see in bold print.  Iím not trying to win any arguments.  Iím not trying to gather followers, so I can start yet another institution.  I donít want to be anyoneís ďpastorĒ in the sense of the professional clergy that you may be used to.  I just want to point you in the right direction. 

And I will be your friend and untiring supporter if I even suspect that you might have a heart for God and the courage to pursue Him.  And if youíll allow me, Iíll try to guide you through this barren wilderness of religion called Christianity.  I welcome your comments and questions.  

Your friend and servant, 

Ken Brown



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    "And not a creature exists that is concealed from the sight of the invisible God, but all things are exposed and known. And so we stand defenseless before the One with Whom we have to do." Hebrews 4:13