Hello, my original intention was not to put a personal page on this website. I wanted only the truth of this message and the reality of an intimate relationship with God to be featured here. However, I find myself spending time answering emails requesting personal information. So, as with most good intentions, here I am doing what I had originally said I would not do. What else is new?

Personal Info

My name is Ken Brown. My wife, Fonda (the dear lady has put up with me for almost 60 years now), and I live in Lochbuie, Colorado, a small community northeast of Denver. We have 4 grown children, all of whom we’re very proud, 11 beautiful grandchildren and three (even more beautiful) greatgrandchildren. My temptation is to fill this page with their pictures. But I’ll resist, for now. We currently oversee a small house church that meets in our home. And I communicate via email with people from all around the world.

I met the Lord my freshman year in college, an experience that is just as real to me today as it was then. However, I was quickly immersed in a religion that systematically robbed me of any subsequent reality in God. I was hopelessly mired in that system for the next 35 years, often frustrated by it, but more often blindly subservient to its demands. Unfortunately, it took me that long to figure out God was waiting for me to walk away from religion and cry out to Him, so He could reveal Himself to me and fulfill the desire of my heart – to know Him in a freedom and reality that religion could never give me.

It is to that freedom and reality this website is dedicated. The articles you will find here chronicle my on-going journey towards truth and spiritual reality. They also attempt to reveal the deceptions of institutional religion. Some have questioned my seeming penchant for taking jabs at religion. But to that I can only say that I take no particular pleasure in doing so, I just happen to be convinced that it is easier for some to see truth when error is contrasted to it. Sadly, some will never see it.

Let me take this opportunity to answer a question that is often asked of me. Many of the translations that appear in these articles are my own (I may quote the Amplified Bible or the New International Version, usually to point out there may be a better, more accurate way to translate the verse from the original Hebrew or Greek). I quite naturally distrust the religious bias of the King James Version and most other translations that followed and explain my reasons over and over in the articles, especially when my translation differs from other versions.

If you find the articles here to be helpful, I encourage you to direct others to this site.

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