Introducing: The Chronological New Testament

"For over 500 years now men have developed a wide variety of traditional churches with a Bible made up of numbered sentences (verses) and books that are completely out of order when compared to the sequence in which they actually occurred in history. Chronological exposition is unknown and contextualism is practically extinct. Any idea that comes into the heart of man can be supported or seemingly proven with isolated Scripture verses. That’s why there exist today scores of denominations and many other groups the denominations call cults – though, in reality, there are only slight differences between the two. They all claim to have started with the church Jesus founded. And they all claim to be true to the Scriptures. But, how can that be, since they are all so different? The New Testament is a record of the development of the church in its first 100 years; yet, none of those denominations or cults resembles the church described in the New Testament in even the slightest way!"

If you suspect traditional, denominational, institutional religion has it all wrong and want to understand the true church Jesus established, you need this Chronological New Testament. Preview and order now at:


I would prefer that you read this section of articles first as it defines this website best with explanations of why real relationship with God is different from religion, the difference between morality and true spirituality and what constitutes some of the major deceptions in the institutional church and why it's not the Church.

Prolegomenon - Why I'm So Nasty and Hateful

The Priesthood of the Believer

Responding to Tragedy

Going to God or Religion - There is a Difference

Deception in the Church

The Kingdom of Heaven

How to Know it's God

Doctrinal Error

This section is a mixed bag dealing with some doctrinal error, wrong viewpoint and political correctness common in Christianity.

This Evil Generation


Perfecting Holiness

Generational Sins of God's Mercy

The Blood of Christ

The New Testament Church

These articles generally deal with the New Testament Church and how the beliefs and practices of institutional Christianity don't line up with Scripture.

The Sermon on the Mount

The Chronology of the New Testament

Leadership in the Early Church

What Does the Real Church Look Like?

The Love Lifestyle

The Lord's Supper - Lesson 1

The Lord's Supper - Lesson 2


This Section deals with one of the most prevalent errors in religion, prayer. Real prayer is not telling God what to do, how to do it, when to do it and who to do it to. And God is not present when two or three are gathered together to observe their traditions and rituals and do what they have decided to do.

The Real Vine and the True Branches

The Model Prayer - Part One

The Model Prayer - Part Two

The Model Prayer - Part Three

The Redemptive Plan of God

The articles in this section attempt to explain the redemptive plan of God and why the promises of God are not free and unconditional as religion supposes. God has not obligated Himself to fulfill His promises except on the condition that His requirements are met.

Grace, Faith, and Salvation

Grace, Faith, and the Invisible God

Grace, Faith, and the Plan of God

Grace, Faith, and the Ministry of the Holy Spirit

Grace, Faith, and the Rest of God

Grace, Faith, and Spiritual Gifts

The Pursuit of God

These articles are a must read for anyone serious about their pursuit of God. They talk about some of the realities that are prerequisite in the lives of those who would know Him and experience His deliverance.

Avoiding the Dog and Hog Disease - Part One: Walking with God

Avoiding the Dog and Hog Disease - Part Two: Self-Preservation and Materialism

Avoiding the Dog and Hog Disease - Part Three: Oh No! He's Going to Talk About Giving

Avoiding the Dog and Hog Disease - Part Four: The Greatest Commandment

The Parables of Jesus

The parables are an important part of Jesus' teaching and are both instructive and illustrative. These articles reinforce from the words of Jesus many of the things taught on this website and why institutional Christianity was never what God intended.

The Parables of Jesus - Part One: The Wise Builder

The Parables of Jesus - Part Two: New Cloth and New Wine

The Parables of Jesus - Part Three: The Two Debtors

The Parables of Jesus - Part Four: The Sower, Seed, and Four Types of Soil

The Parables of Jesus - Part Five: The Tares

The Parables of Jesus - Part 6: The Mustard Seed, The Leaven, The Hidden Treasure, and The Pearl of Great Cost

The Parables of Jesus - Part Seven: The Unforgiving Servant and The Good Samaritan

The Parables of Jesus - Part Eight: The Minas


This is a collection of short vignettes. These will be brief, two or three page articles on a wide variety of subjects that I believe are important and worthy of our consideration.

The Desert Experience

Intimacy with God and Eternal Life

Reflections on Getting Older

Enemies of the Cross

Ritual or Reality

What is Sin?

Mind Your Own Business

The Humanity of Christ

Here is Wisdom

More on Suffering

Christmas Special - John the Baptist

The "Shape" of God

The Good Conscience

Easter, Good Friday, and Other Things!

The Preeminent Son

How To Destroy A Nation